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Celebrator II


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Nothing beats side-to-side oscillation! The CII does not vibrate, it oscillates. Oscillation produces physical sensations that a vibrator cannot match. A vibrator just vibrates while the CII, when oscillating has a long stroke up and then a long stroke down the clitoris at incredible speeds, producing intense sexual pleasure.

Pure sexual satisfaction is what you will get when using the Celebrator II®. A toy that can easily provide multiple orgasms, is easy to use and its patent pending tip design and oscillating motion is key to it all and only the Celebrator II® has it!  Whether you use this with a partner or just for solo masturbation, the Celebrator II® will not disappoint. The Celebrator II® was designed for pleasure and it delivers just that.


  • Side to Side Oscillation
  • IPX6 level waterproofing
  • Rubber grips on toy for easily handling
  • Replaceable tip
  • For external use only
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Single button operation – low/high/off
  • The original authentic product
  • waterproof. IPX 7


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